About me

My name is Simon and I like to build systems. Im a programmer mainly focused on web technologies and creative development and over the last 10 years I have made websites, renderers (webgl), generative design systems and generative digital art (in houdini and webgl) commercially.

You can reach me at me@simonharris.co if you want to chat.

How did I get here?

I've had an unconventional road getting to where I am now. My first real passion was actually chemistry - getting a chemistry scholarship to my secondary school and then going on to get a Masters in Pharmacy. The job of being a pharmacist actually had little appeal to me in the end as you don't do much (any) chemistry day to day and over the course of university I had become more and more interested in programming. I built some websites for money and a couple of games which I failed to find publishers for before I graduated.

Logical reasoning and problem solving had always been a strength of mine and something I really enjoy so it was a natural fit. It didnt take me long to learn the basic of web development and I had a full time job as a local web developer within a couple of months of really looking.

Things really started to get interesting at my second job working for Variable.io. The team there was small but very talented and I it opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about code, computers and systems. I worked as a creative coder working on projects for IBM, ABB, TfL, NEOM and others. The internal tools used were so unlike anything I had seen it really sparked a love of simplicity, and how simple imputs can lead to beautiful complex outputs.

Since then I have been working on a variety of projects, with a recent focus back on web technologies and user interfaces. My goal at the moment is to just follow my heart and work on what I find compelling with the hope to create some interesting things along the way.

Who am I outside of this?

I spend the rest of my time at the gym lifting weights, working on a strong home life and maintaining my friend group. I love to talk to people about thier passions non-judgementally so have ended up with a diverse community around me that I put a lot of effort into staying close to.

I spend an abhorrent amount of my time listening to audiobooks and reading. I listen to fantasy books on audible and I like to read physical non-fiction books - usually self help, philosophy or science.

I grew up in rural England and currently live there as this is where I feel the most at home and at peace. When it comes to digital goods I'm happy to tear down and start again when appropriate but in the real world I love to repair things.

Work with me

I've tried to give a sense of who I am here and so if you would like to talk I would love to hear about what youre working on.

Email me at me@simonharris.co .

Find me on Twitter at @simonharrisco or email me at me@simonharris.co