I'm starting a journal here to document what I've been up too. I'm hoping its going to spur me into doing more as I considering what I am going to write this month. It will be personal and probably not interesting unless you want to get to know me better.


August 2023

At the start of the month we had just passed a big deadline at Dev3 so it took a little recoiling from that before I got in the swing of things again. I spent a huge amount of time this month gaming - more specifically playing Baldurs Gate 3. I have been waiting for year for this release and have been very excited to play. I decided, so that it wouldnt dominate my life for took long to try and complete it over the extended bank holiday. With some late nights and alarms to keep my cycle in check I actually managed it. Great game, legitimately a 10/10 for me but I'm a big fan of D&D so I was the exact target audience. Cant fault the execution though.

The rest of the month I spent catching up with sleep and errands and tackling small things like how I feel about god. This ended up quite a rabbit hole of self reflection and religious research. I learned new words like pantheism and panentheism. ChatGPT is surprisingly useful for this kind of research as it presents information really unbiasedly so you can drill down to some theory. I'm not sure I'm any closer to real answer here but I did get quite fixated on it and read a lot

I need to start focusing on work/project again. Money is an issue at the moment with me buying a house and getting married. To make matters worse my car is breaking and likely needs replacing soon. It is 16 years old so not unexpected. One goal for next month is to get a new website up and running. Probably Next.js app router as I love the link prefetching tech to make page transitions rapid. I'll have to migrate blog posts manually from ghost to markdown as my ghost blog has some demons in the code that are crashing backups. If youre reading this I succeeded as my old blog didnt have a journal.

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